Single Door Closet/Locker

2′ (24 X 76 X 24) Single Door Locker/Closet

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SKU: SingleDoorClosetLocker.

Our 24″ Locker/Closet is great for storage of driving suits and weekend clothing. With the standard shelf and hanger bar securely mounted to the frame, the Locker is very easy to install.

The Closet is the same size but can be fitted with a variety of shelving options to maximize your storage. Comes standard with three (3) fixed shelves but additional fixed shelves can be added for lots of storage space.

Either cabinet can be hinged left or right, both are 24″ deep.

The Locker with shelf and hanger bar is the same cost as a Closet with three fixed shelves.

Size: 24 X 76 X 24
Weight: 65 lbs
Number of Doors: 1

Product Options:
Additional Shelves, Add $38.00
Adjustable Shelves – adds 12 lbs., Add $173.00

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Weight 10 oz